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Date: 15-01-14

CTS' crystal oscillators paired with Microsemi’s fan-out buffers

CTS and Microsemi Corporation offering reference design by combining the CTS crystal clock oscillators and Microsemi’s fan-out buffer for applications such as high-speed enterprise, storage and Ethernet switch equipment suppliers to get multiple high performance output ultra low-jitter clocks at a lower cost and lower component count.

CTS has paired its crystal clock oscillators with Microsemi’s high performance fan-out buffers to distribute multiple output clocks with typical jitter in the range of 100ƒs for critical circuit applications such as CDR, data storage, Synchronous Ethernet switches, communication transmitters and receivers, and high speed Ethernet PHYs and transceivers.

CTS’ crystal clock oscillators, VF901380 and VF901480 are combined with Microsemi's ZL40202 and ZL40203 LVPECL clock fan-out buffers which are capable of operating at frequencies up to 750MHz.

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