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Date: 24-11-13

TDK extends its 2220 SMT inductors portfolio

TDK Corporation has significantly extended its portfolio of EPCOS SMT inductors in case size 2220 (EIA). The new SIMID 2220-T (B82442T) series covers inductance values in the range from 1.0 μH to 10 000 μH (E12 series). The new components feature a current capability of between 46 mA and 3510 mA. They have DC resistances of between 25 milli ohms and 112 ohms.

The new inductors are qualified to AEC-Q200 and are suitable for a temperature range from -55 °C to 150 °C. They are also RoHS-compatible and reflow-solderable to the JEDEC J-STD 020 standard.

The new inductors feature a high current capability and can be used in numerous applications. Thanks to their LCP (liquid crystal polymer) molding the components are very robust and able to withstand extreme thermal and mechanical stresses. They are well suited for the filtering, coupling and decoupling of supply voltages, as well as for use as storage chokes in DC-DC converters.

Main applications
Filtering, coupling and decoupling of supply voltages
Storage chokes for DC-DC converters

Main features and benefits
Extensive range of inductance values from 1.0 μH to 10 000 μH
High current handling capacity of up to 3510 mA

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