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Date: 09-11-13

SATA 3 Gbps Compliant half slim type SSDs

TDK has launched SHG4A series, the new SATA half slim type solid state drive (SSD) modules for industrial applications. With storage capacity of 128 GB, the new NAND flash memory modules measuring approx. 54 x 40 mm, about one half the size of a 1.8-inch hard disk drive (HDD).

The SHG4A with standard SATA connector eliminates the need for a special connector at the customer's host side. SHG4A withstands power supply problems, which are normal in industrial applications.

SHG4A feature Enhanced ECC function, read retry function for enhancing data reliability,auto recovery, data randomizer, and auto refresh.

The static wear leveling algorithm averages the write and erase process over all blocks of the memory area, so that the lifespan of installed flash memory is increased. SMART (Self-Monitoring & Analysis Reporting Technology) provides information about the number of times that memory blocks have been programmed (erased), which facilitates quantitative lifespan management of flash storage.

Data security is achieved by using AES1 128-bit encryption and a TDK proprietary security function to the standard ATA security complement. This makes it possible to store data in the NAND type flash memory in encrypted form, to guard against the risk of data leaks and tampering, resulting in highly robust storage security.

The SHG4A series of half slim type industrial SSDs can be used as replacement for magnetic hard disk drives in industrial equipment and embedded devices.

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