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Date: 11-08-13

Precision and low-output noise rad-hard voltage references

Intersil has introduced precision and low output-noise producing radiation hardened (rad-hard) voltage reference components. The ISL71090SEH12 and ISL71090SEH25 are suggested for telemetry equipment, data acquisition systems and high-end instrumentation products in space and satellite applications.

Both these voltage reference devices are built using SOI-based PR40 process providing Single Event Latch-up (SEL) immunity to withstand heavy ion bombardment.

Intersil says ISL71090SEHx voltage references deliver very precise analog-to-digital conversion, providing initial voltage accuracy of ±0.05%, and ±0.15% over the entire military temperature and radiation exposure ranges. ISL71090SEHx suggested for precision A-to-D conversions.

ISL71090SEHx family features low temperature coefficient of 10ppm/oC and very low output noise specification of 2µVp-p at 2.5Vout, and 1µVp-p at 1.25Vout. The low noise feature supports use of these ICs for high-end instrumentation, data acquisition, and processing applications.

Other key features and specifications include it can operate from input voltage range of 4V to 30V supports multiple system power rails and SET mitigation uses single output capacitor for LET threshold of 86MeV.cm2/mg

The ISL71090SEHx voltage references rated 1.25V and 2.5V are available in 8-lead flatpack, with prototype prices starting at $126.24 each.

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