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Date: 31-07-13

150V gallium nitride-based power devices from Fujitsu for power supply design

Fujitsu Semiconductor has released a new Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power semiconductor device with a breakdown voltage of 150 V. These new gallium nitride device can achieve roughly one half the figure of merit compared to silicon power semiconductor device. The advantages of MB51T008A includes lesser on-state resistance of only 13 milli ohms and a gate charge of 16 nano coulombs. Gallium nitride device also offers minimal parasitic inductance and ability to operate at higher frequency. MB51T008A uses special gate design to keep itself off in normal mode.

MB51T008A is suitable for use as ideal switch both as high-side and low-side of DC/DC converters. The end applications suggested includes communication equipments, industrial products and automotives. The gallium nitride-based power supply circuits takes less space and offer improved efficiencies. Fujitsu has started sampling this device in July 2013 and production is scheduled in 2014.

Fujitsu is planning to develop new gallium nitride-based semiconductor devices with breakdown voltages of 600 V and 30 V. Fujitsu makes these gallium nitride devices by using high electron mobility transistor technology.

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