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Date: 08-07-13

ProTek adds new chip-fuses to its family of protection devices

ProTek Devices has introduced a family of overcurrent electronics chip fuses for applications such as telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics and more.

The part numbers for the 0603 package are PF0603F, PF0603S and PF0603H. The PF0603F is a fast-acting chip fuse. The PF0603S is a slow-blow chip fuse. And, the PF0603H is a high inrush chip fuse. The 0603 package is ideal for LCD TVs; digital cameras; DVD and Blu-ray players; camcorders; and game consoles. It's also ideal for power-over-Ethernet; hard drives; and other consumer devices. The 1206 part numbers are PF1206F, PF1206S and PF1206H. The PF1206F is a fast-acting chip fuse. The PF1206S is a slow-blow chip fuse. And, the PF1206H is a high inrush chip fuse. The 1206 package is ideal for smartphones; DVD and Blu-ray players; game consoles; and digital music players. The 1206 is also ideal for GPS devices; audio systems; switching power supplies and chargers; and scanners. In addition, the 1206 package is well suited for telecom infrastructure equipment and DSL/cable modems.

Pricing and Availability: ProTek Devices' various 0603 and 1206 electronics chip fuses are now being mass produced. Pricing starts at less than $0.05 per, in minimum quantities of 10,000 units. ProTek Devices also plans to provide 0201 fast-acting chip fuses and 0402 fast-acting, slow-blow and high inrush chip fuses in Q4 2013.

To know more detailed specifications of these products visit www.protekdevices.com

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