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Date: 22-06-13

TowerJazz to provide fab services for infrared image sensor for range of application

By gaining expertise in volume manufacturing of CMOS infrared image sensors, TowerJaaz expanding its fab services for volume customers of infrared image sensor technology. TowerJazz to facilitate expansion into other consumer markets such as gaming, personal security, and application driven platforms.

“This development is a natural fit for TowerJazz. Our leading edge CMOS for custom imaging products and our expertise in bringing specialty processing and MEMS to volume manufacturing fits extremely well with the proven capabilities of our customer,” said David Howard, Executive Director and Fellow, TowerJazz.

“Combined external and internal investments will expand our existing fabrication as well as facilitize an annex which will be used for certain unique processes. This will be the first and only large scale pure play foundry capable of producing fully integrated sensors. The application space is expected to grow substantially, enabling a new and additional significant revenue stream to the company,” said Russell Ellwanger, Chief Executive Office, TowerJazz.

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