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Date: 11-06-13

Fusing resistors from KOA safely interrupt open circuits up to 250VAC

KOA Speer announces the latest development in resistors, the TPR series temperature protection fusing resistors. TPR series resistors safely interrupt open circuits up to AC250V voltage and completely isolate the circuit after quickly fusing to the overload. These fusing resistors feature the pulse capability of wirewound resistors and are approved by UL1412 safety standards.

With a wide operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +150°C and 1 Watt power rating, TPR series fusing resistors are ideal for AC adaptors, small size switching power supplies, and lighting equipment (LED). These fusing resistors are available in 2?~10k? resistance values at 5% tolerance. TPR resistors are also lightning surge compliant (IEC61000-4-5). Lead time is 10-12 weeks.

KOA makes thick and thin film resistors, current sensing resistors and resistor arrays; thermal sensors, fuses and varistors; wire wound, multilayer, power and thin film inductors; LTCC's and modules.

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