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Date: 30-04-13

Sub-harmonic mixers from Hittite operate in 71 to 86 GHz range

Hittite Microwave has launched two high performance passive sub-harmonic mixers which are fabricated with GaAs Shottky diode technology and are optimized for E-band communication systems, short haul/high capacity radios, test equipment, automotive radar and sensor systems.

The HMC1057 is a sub-harmonically pumped MMIC I/Q Mixer which operates from 71 to 86 GHz and features a wide IF bandwidth of DC to 12 GHz. It can be used as either an Image Reject Mixer (IRM) or a single sideband upconverter. For downconversion applications, an external quadrature hybrid can be used to select the desired sideband while rejecting image signals. The HMC1057 provides high input IP3 of 13 dBm, typical conversion loss of 12 dB, and very high LO/RF and 2LO/RF isolation of 30 dB and 50 dB respectively.

The HMC1058 is a sub-harmonically pumped MMIC mixer which can be used as an upconverter or a downconverter, with DC to 12 GHz at the IF port and 71 to 86 GHz at the RF port. The HMC1058 also features low LO power of 9 dBm and typical conversion loss of 11 dB. LO/RF and 2LO/RF isolation are specified at 28 dB and 43 dB respectively.

The HMC1057 and HMC1058 are offered in bare die form and feature RF I/Os which are internally matched to 50 Ohms, allowing for simplified integration into higher level modules and subsystems. Both sub-harmonic Mixers complement Hittite's broad line of single, double and sub-harmonic mixers with frequency coverage up to 90 GHz. Samples are available from stock. Find more info at www.hittite.com

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