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Date: 10-06-09

eMMC4.4 standard based NAND flash memory devices from Micron

Targeting the security of code and content stored solid-state memory of mobile phones, Micron Technology has announced the sample availability of NAND flash chips as per ratified JEDEC eMMC 4.4 standard. Targeting mobile phone and such hand-held computing applications, Micron's eMMC 4.4 products offer increased security features and NAND partition management, allowing cell-phone handset manufacturers to move to the new features offered in NAND.

The new eMMC based memory chips from Micron integrate both NAND and flash memory controller in single device. The eMMC 4.4 standard is backward compatible with previous MMC standards.

"As today's mobile phones grow in content, features and functionality, there is a movement to ensure that the technology within these devices is flexible enough to evolve with the platforms," said Eric Spanneut, director of mobile memory marketing for Micron. "Micron is introducing products supporting the eMMC 4.4 standard to allow our customers and partners to begin designing around a solution that reduces component count and bolsters system security."

Since NAND partitioning feature of the eMMC 4.4 standard allows designers to configure partitions of the multi-level cell (MLC) NAND to act as single-level cell (SLC) NAND, the designers can save a SLC chip by using this solution from Micron.

The security features of eMMC 4.4 standard restrict access to the phone's critical software, including the boot code and operating system. Specific security features include power-on write protection, permanent write protection and secure memory block. These features ensure that data is unaltered when transferred and stored, as well as during device re-boot and power down.

"We are impressed with the new eMMC 4.4 standard ratified through JEDEC. As today's mobile devices grow in sophistication and usage, it's very critical that the managed NAND storage solution deliver improved security features to keep the program data tightly secured. We're looking to align eMMC 4.4 with our future platforms and we look forward to engaging with Micron on their new eMMC 4.4 product portfolio," said David Foster, general manager at Microsoft.

Designed using 34-nanometer NAND technology, Micron's eMMC 4.4 NAND flash devices available in the density range of 2 gigabytes (GB) to 32GB.

Production volumes of this product is expected in fall 2009.

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