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Date: 12-02-09

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) inverter controller for LCD TVs

Microsemi Corporation released two cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) inverter controller products that improve display quality and performance, both for 26 to 37-inch LCD TVs and TVs in 40-inch-and-larger display sizes which utilize high voltage LCD integrated power supply (HV-LIPS) topologies.

Key LX6503 and LX6523 features:

1. This new CCFL inverter controllers include the LX6523, which embed features including soft start,      fault indication and flexible configuration support for push-pull, full bridge, or half-bridge drive for 26-      to 37-inch displays.
2. The LX6503 with SYNC functionality is targeted at 40-inch-and-larger HV-LIPS TVs that integrate both      the power supply and backlight inverter.
3. The LX6503 and LX6523 provide the functions needed for LCD TV / Monitor displays in a controller      while providing reliable lamp striking, brightness control modes and support for 24V inverter      topologies in existing backlight applications.
4. The SYNC capability improves display quality by synchronizing both the frequency and phase of the      lamp current between inverters or to external signals from sources including DVD and Blue-Ray          devices.
5. Both the LX6503 and LX6523 controllers also feature tighter lamp current accuracy as compared to     competitive solutions.
6. Supports push-pull, half-bridge or full-bridge inverter configurations
7. PWM or analog based burst dimming
8. Offers a supply operation from 6V to 27V
9. Features a 600mA source/sink drive and on-chip regulator with UVLO protection

10. Operation is supported via programmable Strike Time, Strike Frequency
11. User Settable Burst Dimming Frequency and Fault Time
12. Multiple fault detection capabilities including open lamp, over voltage, short circuit and over current        protection
13. -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C operating temperature range

1. The LX6503 is priced at $0.60 in OEM quantities
2. The LX6523 is priced at $0.40 in OEM quantities

1. The LX6503 is production released and is available for the customer
2. The LX6523 is sampling now

1. The LX6503 is offered in a 16 lead, wide body SOIC
2. The LX6523 is available in a 14 lead, narrow body SOIC

For more details visit: www.microsemi.com

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