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Date: 21-12-09

DucoTronic system based on Z-Wave wireless tech uses CO2 sensors to provide fresh air

Duco's new DucoTronic system based on Z-Wave wireless technology, uses CO2 sensors to automate ventilation in homes.

DucoTronic is a natural ventilation system that uses CO2 sensors, which can be easily installed in individual rooms, to continually adapt the indoor environment to the specific conditions inside and outside the building. The sensors react as soon as the carbon dioxide levels or the temperature in the respective room rises, as these are two important indicators of indoor air quality. This information is sent to the relevant Duco ventilation modules, which are windproof and are integrated into wooden, aluminium or plastic framed windows. The system thereby only provides ventilation where it is required as a result of the current indoor conditions.

If nobody is at home it shuts down in order to consume as little energy as possible. Communication between the various devices is carried out using the Z-Wave wireless transmission protocol and this enables a continuous stream of fresh air to be provided with the low possible energy consumption.

For more details visit www.duco.eu and www.z-wavealliance.org

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