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Date: 26-11-09

Voltage/current threshold detection optocouplers to detect AC/DC voltage sources

Avago has introduced the ACPL-K370/K376, a two new miniature voltage/current threshold detection optocouplers are designed to detect AC/DC voltage/current signal sources and convert the voltage to a logic interface on an optical coupling barrier to provide safe isolation in electronically noisy environments found in industrial control applications. These voltage/current sensing optocouplers are suitable for the applications such as limit switch sensors, low voltage detectors, relay contact monitors, relay coil voltage monitors, and current sensors.

The key features of the new voltage/current sensing optocouplers are,

±5% of voltage detection accuracy
AC or DC detection range up to 1140 Vpeak
User configurable single/dual detection levels
Built-in hysteresis improves noise immunity
1.32 mA low threshold current (ACPL-K376)
Logic compatible output
2 V to 18 V wide output supply voltage
Safety approvals for reinforced insulation (pending): IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5/UL 1577 5 kVrms/CSA

The input buffer of these optocouplers features to enhance threshold sensing such as hysteresis for extra noise and switching immunity, a diode bridge for easy use with AC input signals, and internal clamping diodes to protect the buffer and light emitting diode (LED) from a wide range of over-voltage and over-current transients.

The ACPL-K376 is a low-current version of the ACPL-K370. To obtain low current operation, the ACPL-K376 uses a high-efficiency aluminum gallium arsenide (AIGaAs) LED which provides high light output at low drive currents.

Operating temperature range: -40 to +105 degrees C

Package: SSO-8 package with 8 mm creepage and clearance
ACPL-K370: Starts at each $1.80 for 10k pieces
ACPL-K376: Starts at each $3.25 for 10k pieces
Availability: Now in samples

For more details visit www.avagotech.com/optocouplers

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