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Date: 21-11-09

Atmel AVR MCU for USB smart card reader IC apps

Atmel has introduced the AT90SCR050, a new AVR microcontroller that packs 16 KB of ROM, USB FS2.0 and smart card interface with an integrated DC/DC to support cards compliant with the EMV L1 requirement and ISO7816. The AT90SCR050 MCU targeting USB smart card reader applications.

"Many everyday applications are beginning to require certain levels of 'smart' technology," said Jean-Charles Lesage, Atmel's marketing manager for smart card reader ICs. "Atmel's AT90SCR050 addresses the high-volume market, such as laptops and mobile devices, by offering designers a complete solution to enable their products to compete in a price-competitive market. Sectors such as consumer, corporate and the government are quickly entering the high-volume market and requiring these smart card technologies in their applications. Atmel has a complete portfolio to address these needs."

The key features of the AT90SCR050 MCU are,

High performance, low power AVR 8-bit microcontroller
Advanced RISC architecture with up to 16MIPS throughput at 16Mhz and on-chip 2-cycle multiplier
768 bytes internal SRAM
Class A: 5V +/-8% at 60mA, Vcc>2.85 (50mA if Vcc >2.7)
Class B: 3V +/-8% at 60mA, Vcc>2.85 (50mA if Vcc >2.7)
Class C: 1.8V +/-8% at 35mA
4 kV ESD (MIL/STD 833 Class 3) protection on whole Smart Card Interface
USB 2.0 full-speed device module
Supports data transfer rates up to 12 Mbit/s

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

The AT90SCR050 is a member of the AT90SCR family. With an Atmel AVR secure microcontroller embedded in these devices, customers can take advantage of the free AVR Studio and AVR JTAGICE mkII that support all AVR-based microcontrollers. An evaluation kit AT90SCR100MEB-01 is available for this device.

Package: QFN28 and QFN24 package
Price: Starts at $0.80 for high volumes starting at 250Ku quantities
Availability: Now in samples

For more details visit www.atmel.com

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