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Date: 28-04-16

Freescale+NXP and the variable

NXP Semiconductors grew faster than industry average in the year 2014 and 2015. NXP decided to acquire Freescale semiconductor in the year 2015, and completed the acquisition before December of 2015. In 2014 and 2015 NXP Semiconductors increased its sales revenue not only because Apple procured huge number of NXP chips and also due to its product-development strategies, where it cleverly spend its R&D resources on the innovations what the market and its big customers was really in need, so that it did not waste time in launching products which are not market differentiators and also of lesser volume demand.

Even the Freescale Semiconductor consistently maintained its revenue approximately around 1100 Million US$ per quarter in 2014 and early 2015.

If you look at the latest sales performance of NXP Semiconductors after the completion of merging of Freescale, the figures doesn't look great. It's not the plain addition of Freescale + NXP, its less than that, otherwise to say, the sum is multiplied by a 1 in coming quarters and years? The growth in automotive electronics (Self driving car, more electric cars), IOT and also the e-security market can help NXP, provided NXP's product innovation strategy still relevant to the market requirements.

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