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  Date: 15/10/2012

Ipan Ipan chooses IDT’s power transmitter for Qi-certified wireless charging solution

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) has announced that its IDTP9030 single-chip wireless power transmitter was picked by Ipan Ipan, an OEM/ODM of wireless charging solutions, for employ in its next-generation Qi-compatible wireless charging solution. IDT’s integrated Qi-certified wireless power transmitter permits Ipan Ipan to develop a compact charging base (only 91 mm diameter) and provides support for power transfer in excess of 5 watts for rapid wireless charging of smartphones.

“The IDTP9030 is the key component in our strategy to develop the sleekest Qi-compatible wireless charging pads,” said Franck Gaheneau, CEO of Ipan Ipan. “IDT offers the only single-chip solution on the market, allowing us to develop a Qi-compatible solution using the fewest number of components and resulting in the smallest charging base possible. An embedded microcontroller for multi-mode operation facilitates our development of new charging solutions delivering greater than 5 watts of power – a feature with strong customer demand that will improve charging times for the end-user.”

“We’re pleased that Ipan Ipan has selected our industry-leading wireless power transmitter for its solution,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the Analog and Power Division at IDT. “Our device simplifies the bill of materials (BOM) from nine ICs down to one, giving our customers the ability to streamline the physical design of their charging base. In addition to full Qi certification, the IDTP9030 offers proprietary communication modes for increased levels of power transfer when coupled with our IDTP9020 receiver, enabling users to charge their devices more quickly.”

The Ipan Ipan Qi-compatible wireless charging pad (P/N: IPWPCS0001) is available to industrial and consumer OEM partners globally. While consumer portable applications are implementing this new technology, Ipan Ipan is also working with furniture manufacturers to embed this wireless power technology into tables for use in the home, office, and public areas. Any Qi-compatible devices, including smartphones equipped with aftermarket charging sleeves, can take advantage of strategically located wireless charging hotspots to keep their batteries at full capacity throughout the day.

Source: IDT

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