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  Date: 11/07/2012

Infineon uses Spansion flash memory chips to store graphic data in MCUs kits

Spansion Inc. has announced that Infineon Technologies has selected Spansion FL Serial Flash memory to provide a high-performance, quad I/O SPI data storage solution for its Hexagon Development Kit System. The Hexagon kit, a modular, expandable platform built around the XMC4000 microcontroller, provides engineers a fast method to prototype industrial applications such as motor control, industrial automation or any kind of power conversion like solar inverters. The Spansion FL serial Flash quickly serves bitmap and graphic data to the Hexagon kit's human machine interface satellite card without the need for DRAM in the system.

"The XMC4000 microcontroller family is highly configurable to suit a wide range of industrial applications," said Gabriela Born, Senior Marketing Manager for Industrial and Multimarket Microcontrollers of Infineon Technologies. "We needed a Flash memory that offers the same levels of scalability, the right feature set and the high reliability and quality standards that come with the XMC4000 family. The Spansion FL family provides all this with its wide range of densities and package options, the performance needed for industrial applications and its extended temperature range."

Spansion says its Serial Flash is perfectly suited for the XMC4000 and industrial applications with its industry-leading write, erase and programming performance, high levels of quality and reliability, wide temperature range support from -40 degrees to 105 degrees C and assurance of product longevity. Densities supported range from 32 Mb up to 1 Gb with Infineon's support of Spansion's 4-byte addressing scheme for high-density serial Flash memory.

"Industrial applications are following similar trends as those in the consumer space, requiring more compelling, graphic-rich user interfaces," said Wendy Kadlec, director of ecosystem marketing at Spansion. "They need high performance and leading technology but still demand robust quality and reliability coupled with long-term product support. We're excited to be collaborating with Infineon to provide these solutions to our customers."

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