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  Date: 02/07/2012

ZiiLABS and Symphony Teleca demo camera application in a tablet using openCL

ZiiLABS and Symphony Teleca have demonstrated a new camera application in a tablet at Google I/O, where OpenCL is used to implement a number of key image processing effects, comparing the performance of the algorithms implemented in both 'C' and OpenCL. The demonstrations being shown use the ZiiLABS ZMS-40 based HanZpad Android reference platform. To view the demonstration, visit: http://youtu.be/at5WSGgGoCg

The application currently supports 3 operations: GREY, INVERT and PALETTIZE, with all operations selectable from the applications menu, including front and rear camera switching.

Key benefits with OpenCL as listed by ZiiLABS:

Significant performance increase
OpenCL enables algorithms to be expressed in an intuitive language specifically designed for computing, rather than graphics
Leverage integer and floating point ALUs throughout programs
Free up CPU resources by off-loading compute intensive tasks to the media processor
Reduce system power budget utilizing the energy efficiency of media processing array
Harness the multi-core SIMD architecture (96 StemCell cores on ZMS-40)

"With the focus for consumer devices firmly centred on user experience, multimedia performance and advanced graphics capabilities, we view OpenCL as a key technology that will enable a new wave of innovation for both device vendors and application developers alike" said Andrew Till Senior Vice President, Smartphones & Consumer Electronics, Symphony Teleca. "At this year's Google I/O and with the support of ZiiLABS, an innovator in this field, we have created a demonstrator platform to showcase the potential of OpenCL on Android and how it can deliver accelerated compute performance and flexibility coupled with optimized power consumption that will keep the leading brands and developers at the cutting edge."

"OpenCL enables developers to unlock the full potential of our StemCell Computing architecture to deliver new levels of performance across a broad range of applications." said Tim Lewis, director of marketing of ZiiLABS. "These demonstrations provide just a glimpse of the performance and flexibility available using OpenCL and I invite developers to visit www.ziilabs.com/opencl to learn more about our OpenCL Early Access Program."

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