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  Date:4th June 2012

Dell "Copper" ARM server powered by Marvell's SoC

Marvell has announced its ARMADA XP chipset is at the core of Dell's "Copper" ARM server. The low power ARMADA XP CPU system-on-chip unleashes energy efficient servers for cloud applications.

The ARMADA XP is suited for applications ranging from networking, wireless infrastructure and web servers to high-volume products like NAS, home servers, laser printers and other embedded applications.

Marvell claims that the servers based on Marvell's quad core ARM-based ARMADA XP SoC products are the world's first quad-core ARM processor designed for enterprise-class cloud computing applications. They drive up to 95 percent higher CPU utilization and offer demand-based scaling as an alternative to server virtualization.

Features of ARMADA XP:
1. Up to four Marvell-designed ARM V7 MP-compliant 1.6GHz CPU cores
2. SMP (Symmetrical Multi-processing)/AMP (Asymmetrical Multi-processing) modes with hardware     cache coherency
3. 64-bit DDR2/DDR3 memory interface at 800MHz clock rate (1600MHz data rate)
4. Up to 2MB of L2 cache, Quad x4 PCI-express interfaces, multiple USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports,     SATA, security engine and advanced power management techniques
5. 32KB-Instruction (4-way) and 32KB-Data (8-way), set-associative L1 cache per core
6. Up to 2MB shared and unified 32-way, set-associative L2 cache
7. Four Gigabit Ethernet MACs with interface options (GMII/RGMII/SGMII/QSGMII)
8. High-performance security engines
9. Four PCI-e 2.0 ports (two x4 ports can be configured to Quad x1 - up to 16 lanes)
10. Three USB 2.0 ports
11. Two SATA 2.0 ports
12. Up to 16 high-speed Marvell SERDES lanes with multi functionality (PCI-e, SATA, SGMII, QSGMII)
13. On-chip LCD controller, NOR, NAND, SPI, SDIO, UART, I2C, TDM interfaces, etc
14. Offered in five pin-compatible chips

"Marvell is honored to find itself at the technological core of Dell's new cloud server platform," said Paul Valentine, vice president of marketing for the Cloud Services and Infrastructure (CSI) Business Unit of Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. "Leveraging Marvell's expertise in all-encompassing cloud services and infrastructure, Copper delivers the most integrated and balanced combination of security, network, compute, memory and storage elements, resulting in a dramatic improvement in system utilization and a significant reduction in OPEX and TCO. In essence, Marvell equips partners and their respective customers with the power to not only support an escalation in demand for cloud services, but to use their cloud capabilities as a point of differentiation."

"We've worked with Marvell for well over a year on our ARM-based server, and chose their ARMADA XP CPU based on the advantages it delivers in performance and performance per Watt," said Steve Cumings, Executive Director, Dell Data Center Solutions. "The right-sized performance, memory and networking capabilities have a lot to offer Web 2.0, big data and other applications, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Marvell, as we help the ARM server ecosystem mature and grow."

"This collaboration between Dell and Marvell is an excellent example of innovation across the ARM ecosystem," said Ian Ferguson, director of server systems and ecosystems, ARM. "We see this as a further validation of ARM's vision that highly integrated system-on-chip devices will solve the energy and density challenges arising in businesses delivering cloud based services."

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