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  Date: 18th Apr 2012

Micrel receive 98% performance rating from its MEMS customer

Micrel Inc has announced that it received a 98% performance rating in a report covering the fourth quarter of 2011 for the services and materials supplied to a MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) manufacturer.

Micrel's MEMS foundry fab has been in mass production of the sensors for this customer. The quarterly report is intended to drive improvement for the services and materials Micrel supplies to the company. Rating metrics are based on returns (30 percent), on-time delivery (30 percent), quality (20 percent) and quality events (20 percent). This is the second scorecard received by Micrel from this MEMS supplier since expanding MEMS manufacturing at its San Jose, California-based wafer and foundry operations in November of 2011.

In preparation for its ramp-up in MEMS manufacturing, Micrel committed several million dollars in capital, initiated 3D front-to-back alignment capability and acquired a new state-of-the-art DRIE etch machine. The system etches very deep trenches, through silicon vias (TSVs) and the large cavities required for advanced MEMS products. Micrel is one of the few 6-inch fabs in the United States offering MEMS manufacturing capability.

"We are very pleased with our performance out of the gate on MEMS," noted Guy Gandenberger, vice president, worldwide operations and foundry business unit for Micrel. "In addition, we are delighted to see improvement in this area as our last rating was 97 percent. We are absolutely aiming for 100 percent and will continue to work aggressively toward that goal of giving our customers not only world class service but the best in the industry. I am thrilled that we now have multiple MEMs customers and have put in the capacity and resources to drive Micrel in becoming a leader in MEMs foundry manufacturing."

"Having our own fab gives us greater control and flexibility over every element of the manufacturing process, and enables us to offer highly customizable services across CMOS and MEMS devices all under one roof. This reduces the number of vendors in the process and helps to optimize the entire design, manufacturing and testing workflow to enable our customers to realize greater process efficiencies and cost of ownership benefits," added Ray Zinn, president and CEO of Micrel. "We have invested significantly in assembling an experienced fab team and state-of-the-art equipment, which is paying dividends in the excellent rating received from this customer."

Micrel's established wafer fab division offers both IC and MEMS foundry services to commercial and military chip designers and all manufacturers seeking a production solution compatible with their specific application and/or technology needs.

The facility has been certified to ISO14001:1996, the International Environmental Management System Standard.

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