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  Date: 29th Feb 2012

Intersil targets immediate-possible high-volume markets

The long time mixed signal semiconductor chipmaker Intersil applies volume-smart strategy to address large volume markets in India. David Bell, CEO of Intersil was in India recently to share his company's plans for India. Like many other semiconductor chip vendors Intersil has development office in Bangalore.

The points shared by David Bell and his Indian team includes:

Digital power controller ICs by Intersil used in both desktop and mobile computers are most selling category for Intersil. Digital power management is top priority for Intersil. Intersil says it leads with huge market share in this segment.
Intersil is leading supplier of video decoders in security surveillance systems. Security link over coax and Fish eye lens processor are the latest function in Intersil's video decoders.
Intersil has specialized fab expertise in producing radiation hardened ICs, India is already an important market for Intersil for their high-rel chips. The other key focus areas for Intersil in India are Automobile and International design houses.
Growing middle class in India interests David Bell and his team.
Intersil India headed by young Ramanujam Thodur with 40 employees doing full product development. Intersil India sales is managed by Gaurav Kapoor.
Intersil India has submitted 10 patents and released 70 new products
Intersil India has developed 24 bit ADC (ISL26134) for weigh scale application and 99% accurate digital controlled potentiometer (ISL22317) for consumer electronics and other digitally controlled systems.
Intersil follow fablite model for producing its chips.
Intersil is pinning bigger hope on pico projectors where it has developed silicon for both LED and laser pico projectors.
Chip-like small-size digital power modules, Active cables (silicon is embedded inside the cable/connector for enhancing data transmission performance) are other important areas, Intersil is targeting.
Though an analog expert, Intersil has a proprietary RISC processor architecture as powerful as ARM processor.

Intersil is employing all its resources smartly to address the immediately available volume markets in India and world over.

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