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  Date:18th Nov 2011

Lantronix relocates its console server manufacturing to U.S.

Lantronix has announced that manufacturing of its SLC line of console servers will relocate to the United States. Beginning January 2012, manufacturing of all 12 SLC models, intended for the North American market, will move from Penang, Malaysia to the United States in order to improve responsiveness to fluctuations in customer demand, shorten lead time and mitigate rising freight costs.

OnCore Manufacturing Services, will produce the units in its San Marcos (San Diego County), California facility. The move to OnCore will make it easier for Lantronix to source SLC products that comply with the Buy American Act, which requires that a product manufactured in the U.S. contain more than 50 percent U.S. parts to be considered 'Made in USA' for government procurement purposes.

"We're delighted that Lantronix has selected OnCore's San Marcos site for the manufacture of the SLC units. Our six North American sites are designed to manage customers' complex supply-chains while providing them with flexibility to respond to changes in their business," said Daniel Perez, President and CEO of OnCore Manufacturing. "All of our sites are organized to provide customers with very personalized product manufacturing services which help customers achieve their product's performance objectives."

Lantronix' SLC console servers provide complete local remote management solutions for the data center. The SLC product line provides IT managers with the ability to securely and remotely manage serial devices, including servers, switches, routers, telecom equipment, and more, even if the primary network is down.

"North America is a market of large opportunity for our SLC product line," said Kurt Busch, President and CEO, Lantronix. "Moving manufacturing to the U.S. reduces our operating expenses while furthering our mission of providing high quality products, delivered quickly and efficiently, coupled with outstanding customer service -all with the added benefit of supporting job creation in the U.S."

In a time where many organizations are outsourcing business components, Lantronix is delighted to say that it maintains 100% its technical support team in-house. The company has over 85% of its technical support team based in its Irvine, California headquarters.

For more information visit: www.lantronix.com

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