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  Date:11th July 2011

IDT partners with Fudan in delivering smart meter reference design

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. is partnering with Fudan Microelectronics to provide a turn-key smart meter reference design to shorten the development cycle of smart meter manufacturers, improving time-to-market and lowering costs. The new reference design leverages IDT's award-winning 90E2x wide-range power metering device and Fudan Microelectronics' FM3308 microcontroller unit (MCU) for next generation smart meter applications.

IDT says its 90E2x power metering IC offers the industry's widest dynamic range of 5000:1, enabling meter manufacturers to simplify their product designs using a single IC and bill of materials (BOM) instead of different ICs and BOMs for different meter types. Alongside the IDT device is Fudan Microelectronics' FM3308 MCU chip, comprised of an 8-bit TURBO 51 MCU core, program memory and RAM, LCD driver, RTC, UARTs, and hardware ISO 7816 protocol stack -.

"With their high-performance and technologically superior metering devices, IDT is the ideal company for collaboration on this reference design," said Lei Shen, deputy chief engineer of Fudan Microelectronics. "By combining IDT's metering analog front-end (AFE) with our latest MCU designed for smart meters, customers can quickly take the design into certification and mass production. This is especially valuable for meter manufacturers who have tight design bandwidth and schedule."

"IDT is responding to its customers' demand for system solutions by partnering with a leading MCU supplier in China," said Sean Fan, vice president and general manager of IDT China. "Through this collaboration, we are able to provide our customers with not only a turn-key solution, but also improved service from local perspective. Reference designs such as this allow us to accelerate our market penetration in smart meters for the global smart grid market."

IDT says this reference design has already been adopted and introduced into mass production by multiple smart meter manufacturers.
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