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  Date: 15th Jun 2011

Moortec employs Synopsys' tools to tape out its analog IP

Moortec Semiconductor has taped out its embedded temperature sensor IP on TSMC's 40LP and 28HP processes using Synopsys' custom design solution and TSMC's interoperable process design kits (iPDKs). The CMOS embedded temperature sensor IP is an analog IP designed for thermal management applications in advanced-geometry, high-gate-count digital ICs. Moortec has used Synopsys' Galaxy Custom Designer schematic and layout editor, HSPICE and CustomSim circuit simulators, IC Validator/Hercules design rule checking and layout versus schematic (DRC/LVS) and StarRC extraction tools.

"With shrinking silicon geometries, there is a growing need for on-chip temperature monitoring to increase IC longevity and optimize performance. It is important for us to quickly and reliably develop our temperature sensor IP across multiple process nodes to meet the increased demand," said Stephen Crosher, managing director of Moortec Semiconductor. "We chose Synopsys' custom solution because its advanced capabilities and streamlined integration provides the productivity and performance that our engineers need to quickly design and port the IP between 65-nanometer, 40-nanometer and 28-nanometer nodes while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the design."

Moortec has used Synopsys' Custom Designer solution to complete the schematic design and layout for custom analog blocks, the HSPICE circuit simulator for pre-layout simulations and the CustomSim FastSPICE simulator to verify the extracted netlists from the StarRC extraction tool. The design was successfully taped out after final verification signoff with IC Validator for DRC and LVS.

"Synopsys' custom solution continues to build momentum both in terms of customer adoption and technology innovation due to its open environment, integration within the Galaxy Implementation Platform and foundry iPDK support," said Bijan Kiani, vice president of product marketing at Synopsys. "Customers like Moortec Semiconductor are realizing higher productivity in creating complex analog designs at advanced geometries by adopting Synopsys' unified solution for analog and mixed-signal design."

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