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  Date: 9th Jun 2011

Design wins worth $41 million for Kontron AG

Kontron AG, has announced two design wins worth $41 million: One is from a test equipment maker, where it is going to buy COM Express ETXe-CD modules and Intel Core 2 Duo chipsets based boards from Kontron AG . The volumes of this hardware is going to be $24 million.

The second is from aerospace defense customer. The volumes is worth of $17 million. Kontron is going to provide DSP technology to this defense customer, which is said as one of the world's largest manufacturers in this area. The production is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2011.

"For the first time since the important acquisition of the military specialist AP Labs last year, our products will be integrated into AP housings," commented Kontron CEO Ulrich Gehrmann. "Along with an excellent price/performance relationship, and established and successful customer relationships, our global positioning proved decisive for both design wins. We are the only provider to conduct development and production, as well as to manage customer relationships, across Europe, Asia and North America. For our customers, who are always subject to ever greater time pressure, this results in an unrivalled level of speed with which we can satisfy orders."

"Major threat events are still making headlines, with Sony bearing the brunt in the first quarter. Security technology vendors are being targeted as well, including RSA, Barracuda, and Comodo, creating a hostile environment for everyone and keeping awareness of threats at an all-time high. The volume, variety, and complexity of threats continues to grow, and the industry that now supports commercial development of threats is the most obvious culprit; from commercial toolkits to botnet rentals, the business infrastructure that supports attack creation and distribution is growing to support hacker demand. This increase in visibility translates into increased budget visibility for security solutions," notes Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics Research.

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