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  Date: 8th May 2011

MIPS-Based soft processor for use in Altera's FPGA and ASICs

Altera Corporation, MIPS Technologies and System Level Solutions (SLS) Corporation have introduced a MIPS-Based, FPGA-optimized soft processor for use on Altera's FPGA and ASIC devices. The MP32 processor is supported by Wind River's VxWorks RTOS and the MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite. MP32 processor is suggested for applications such as networking, video and digital signal processing.

"This joint development further reinforces Altera's commitment to embrace industry-leading processors as part of our embedded initiative," said Vince Hu, vice president of product and corporate marketing at Altera."We are pleased to give embedded designers the ability to leverage MIPS' rich software and tools ecosystem in a programmable logic device."

"The MP32 processor provides architectural flexibility for multi-core designs with a seamless design flow," said Art Swift, vice president of marketing and business development, MIPS Technologies. "Designers of MIPS-Based systems can use familiar tools and software while choosing the right platform-be it FPGAs, HardCopy ASIC or standard cell ASICs-to meet their price, performance and volume needs. The value of the core has already been proven in key customer engagements where Altera has employed the MP32 processor."

The MP32 processor is distributed and supported through Altera Embedded Alliance partner SLS.

"SLS is well suited to bring the MP32 processor to the market for a simple reason-we bring a decade of FPGA embedded system design expertise and proven success for customers around the world," said Paresh Patel, CEO SLS Corp. "Our clients run the gamut from seasoned FPGA designers to embedded developers who are new to programmable logic, and we match their comfort level with the breadth of products and services we offer, all to meet their time to market goals."

The processor is supported by the MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite and System Navigator EJTAG debug probes. For debug and trace, the MP32 processor is supported by TRACE32, a debug and off-chip trace probe from Lauterbach.

Developers can now run VxWorks on an FPGA-based soft-core processor. Wind River provides VxWorks board support package (BSP) for the MP32 processor.

"VxWorks is a proven, high-performance, reliable, commercial-grade real-time operating system addressing the diverse needs of embedded systems," Warren Kurisu, vice president of VxWorks product management at Wind River. "The expansive community of embedded developers who have standardized on VxWorks can now benefit from the flexibility and customization that Altera's programmable logic devices offer, while still retaining their existing software assets."

The MP32 processor is designed to be used with Altera's Qsys system integration tool.

The MP32 processor is currently available from SLS, who sells and supports the MP32 processor core. The MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite and a VxWorks BSP for the MP32 processor are available from MIPS and Wind River respectively. The MP32 processor is royalty free and sold on an unlimited use basis when targeting Altera's FPGA devices. To get started on your MP32 design, contact SLS at

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