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  Date: 22nd Mar 2011

World Oscilloscope market to reach $1.37billion in 2014

Frost & Sullivan (F&S) finds in its latest study after recession, the world oscilloscopes market underwent significant changes in terms of product development, pricing, positioning and distribution as end-user industries became cautious about their spending and the sales of oscilloscopes declined. Frost & Sullivan finds this market earned revenues of $1,152.3 million in 2010 and estimates this to reach only $1,372.1 million in 2014.

The highlights shared by F&S include:

1. Customization is highly prevalent in this high-end market, with companies increasingly introducing      solutions that enable engineers to customize and perform advanced analysis of analogue and      mixed signals.
2. Success of digital and software-driven oscilloscopes is making analogue oscilloscopes of less use.     Digital and software-driven oscilloscopes have the potential to replace analogue equivalents in a     wide number of applications.
3. The slowdown of the global economy restricted the capital availability for expansion of production      facilities across most end-user segments. Electronic manufacturing, industrial and automotive and      communications end users that contributed a significant percentage of revenues to the      oscilloscopes market were the worst affected.
4. The maturity of the market has provided limited opportunities for manufacturers to upgrade or launch      new products, thereby increasing price pressure on them from end users and competitors. This      trend has mainly been witnessed in the low-end and mid-range of the market.
5. With the rising need for higher bandwidth, test vendors are incorporating advanced test feature sets     to accommodate future demand and are offering flexible solutions. At the same time, due to the     growing complexity of oscilloscopes, vendors are bundling additional services with their products for     customers.

6. The market was characterized by a spate of product launches by major vendors in 2009.

String of comments from Prathima Bommakanti, F&S Research Analyst:

"Product introductions have been one of the key strategies adopted by vendors to sustain growth in this competitive market,"

"Vendors consistently reinvested in R&D to keep pace with end users' technological advancements, introducing high-end solutions in 2009 and 2010."

"Although the technologies related to oscilloscopes are well established, efforts are still being made to enhance and launch novel products,"

"Most suppliers maintain ongoing programs of research and development to remain competitive."

"The drop in demand from end users either stalled or postponed a significant number of product sales, this reduced the demand for oscilloscopes to unprecedented low levels."

"During 2009, the global economic conditions created substantial pricing pressures on vendors, reducing their profit margins and revenue growth, with the competitive landscape and maturity of the market remaining the same, the impact of this restraint is anticipated to be high over the short term."

"Additional services such as warranty, installation, technical support, maintenance and general service agreements are progressively becoming a part of the package being offered to customers, this is enabling manufacturers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and allowing premium pricing."

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