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  Date: 20th Jan 2011

Graphene based material for anode electrode of Li-ion batteries enable charging in minutes

Imagine electric/hybrid electric vehicles getting fully charged in less than a hour. Car owners will love to have a electric car which gets fully charged by the time its owner finishes food intake. For that, batteries got to be highly innovated with new material which can capture electric energy very faster. The company working on this objective is innovative material researcher Vorbeck Materials Corp.

Vorbeck along with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) developing Li-ion battery electrodes using Vorbeck's unique graphene material, Vor-x. These new battery materials could enable electronic devices and power tools that recharge in minutes rather than hours or function as part of a hybrid battery system to extend the range of electric vehicles.

PNNL, in collaboration with Prof. Ilhan Aksay's group at Princeton University, has demonstrated that small quantities of high-quality graphene can dramatically improve the power and cycling stability of Li-ion batteries, while maintaining high-energy storage capacities. This advance can lead to batteries that both store large amounts of energy and recharge quickly - breaking traditional trade-offs in battery design between high-capacity and high-power/fast-recharge cells.

"PNNL battery materials synthesis expertise, their pioneering work in this area and IP position, together with Vorbeck's leading work in graphene production and commercialization is a strong combination," stated John Lettow, President of Vorbeck Materials, "We are excited to be working with the talented team at PNNL and to add battery electrode materials to our list of graphene-based products, furthering the work on applications of graphene developed in collaboration with Princeton University and our commercial partners."

Gordon Graff, project manager at PNNL, commented that, "Vorbeck produces a very high quality graphene and they have demonstrated an ability to get products successfully to market. We believe that Vorbeck is an excellent partner with whom to commercialize some of our most innovative battery work."

Vor-Charge Graphene Composite Anode Material offers the following advantages:
1. Improved cycle life - Issues associated with graphite particle fragmentation and loss of capacity due     to large expansion and contraction are eliminated due to the mechanically flexible graphene sheets     that buffer volume expansion
2. Enhanced electron transport - The highly conductive graphene provides a robust network with strong     electrical continuity
3. High efficiency - The high surface area of graphene coated with a thin layer of ion-storage material     ensures even distribution and interconnection of the ion storage material and the conductive     graphene

Vorbeck Materials is partnering with battery material supplier Targray Technology International for marketing its graphene material Vor-Charge to Li ion battery manufacturers worldwide. Vorbeck is winner of the 2010 World Technology Award for outstanding innovation in the corporate materials category.

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