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   Date: 12th Sept 09

Entropic and ViXS Systems joined to develop MoCA enabled, NAS reference design

Entropic and ViXS Systems have joined to develop MoCA enabled, network attached storage reference design that provides premium content capture, storage and sharing. This NAS device will be demonstrated this week during the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 11-15, at booth 5.B29.

The NAS leverages the capabilities of ViXS video processing to deliver on-the-fly HD to HD and MPEG 2 HD to H.264 AVC HD transcoded video over Entropic's c.LINK MoCA 1.1 network to deliver a high-quality experience.

"Home entertainment networking is continuing to evolve and we are pleased to be partnered with Entropic, a pioneer in home networking, as we build on our respective technologies to be at the forefront of that evolution," said Sally Daub, CEO and president, ViXS Systems Inc. "By combining Entropic's proven MoCA solution with our advanced video processing technology, we are able to deliver a powerful, robust, and cost-effective solution to the consumer electronic market, enabling high-definition video recording capabilities as well as the sharing of both personal and premium content throughout the home over existing Coax cables."

"We are excited to be working with ViXS, a clear leader in providing world-class multimedia SoCs and software solutions for processing, managing, securing and seamlessly distributing high-quality video and audio among devices of any class and size," said Patrick Henry, CEO, Entropic Communications. "ViXS' selection of the EN2510 chipset further validates the maturity of our MoCA solution for devices that seek to deliver bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications and services."

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