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   14th Jan 09

    Nanotech based lithium battery for power tools

Apogee Power has launched its nano-technology enhanced, lithium power tool replacement batteries. Apogee's patented LiCoO2 and C-LiFePO4 battery packs and cordless tools are light weight and contain less environmentally dangerous elements in comparison to other battery chemistries.

The patented Ultra-Pulse Capacitor technology enhances the power and performance of lithium batteries. Apogee offers line of replacement batteries to replace NiCd, NiMh and Lead Acid batteries in cordless power tools, UPS systems, solar, wind and other alternative energy battery systems.

The Apogee replacement batteries can be used on existing Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) tools. These new battery packs can be charged using the existing NiCd and NiMh chargers. The consumer needs no additional equipment purchase. When the user needs to replace a NiCd battery.

"Apogee ships a large majority tools to European customers, with the substitution of the Apogee C-LiFePO4 replacement battery pack we can quickly eliminate approximately 80% of the current Cadmium waste that is a significant environmental concern" said CTO Dr. KC Tsai of Apogee.

Apogee also designs and markets 12v up to 72v Lithium based Fault Tolerant UPS systems, battery systems for solar photo voltaic systems, wind and fuel cell energy storage. Apogee lithium battery solutions offer significantly greater power, are 75% lighter in weight and one fifth the size of there lead acid equivalents.

Either for power tools or for hybrid electric vehicles/cars, the only issue pending with lithium based batteries is cost. Once the cost comes down, the demand for lithlum based batteries will zoom. the key factor bringing success to lithium based batteries is the avaialability of control electronics and semiconductor devices to charge, monitor and discharge the batteries safely. Texas Instruments, Linear tech, Maxim and other such power supply IC vendors are indirectly driving this market.




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