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Date: 01-10-16

Arteris supports ARM AMBA 5 AHB5 in its FlexNoc and Ncore

ARM AMBA 5 AHB5 protocol gets support of FlexNoC Interconnect IP. SoC chip Interconnect IP expert Arteris has announced the implementation of ARM AMBA 5 Advanced High-Performance Bus 5 (AHB5) protocol support in its FlexNoC Interconnect IP and Ncore Interconnect IP products. The AHB5 specification is an update to the previous ARM AMBA 3 AHB specification to support ARMv8-M architecture and adds features such as ARM TrustZone technology support throughout the SoC. “ARM and its rich ecosystem enable rapid deployment of complete solutions for secure smart embedded devices and accelerating delivery to market,” said Nandan Nayampally, vice president of marketing and strategy, CPU group, ARM. “Arteris’ support of AHB5 is another demonstration of how ARM’s ecosystem helps to simplify and foster the development of secure Internet of Things devices.” “Arteris has been an enthusiastic supporter of ARM AMBA specifications since our inception, implementing the ARM AMBA 3, 4 and 5 specifications within our interconnect IP products,” said K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of Arteris. “We are strongly committed to supporting the advancement of ARM interconnect standards on a long-term basis to enable semiconductor design teams to more easily create SoCs using IP from the ARM ecosystem.”

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