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  Date: 27/10/2016

SUSE to distribute 64 bit ARM architecture software

Multiple LINUX software distributors are now supporting 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture based servers. The latest to announce is SUSE. While Intel Xeon chips dominate the server space, ARM 64 adding up its share in the high-end computing market. There is a whole eco of semiconductor vendors such as Applied Micro, Cavium, Qualcomm, and AMD, Linux software distributors such as SUSE, Ubuntu and Red Hat showing interest in full-fledged support.

The popular Linux software distributor SUSE has announced the support for ARM AArch64 architecture based enterprise servers. It has unveiled the first SUSE Linux commercial enterprise server optimized for ARM AArch64 architectures. In 2015, SUSE has collaborated with partners to bring SUSE Enterprise Storage to devices powered by 64-bit ARM processor.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM will give customers more choice, flexibility and opportunities to cost effectively upgrade their business processes,” said Ralf Flaxa, SUSE president of Engineering. “It does that by giving our hardware and software partners an established, rock-solid open source foundation on which to build efficient ARM-based infrastructure solutions. And they will be able to do it faster than ever before.”

The highlights of ARM AArch 64 ecosystem based servers from SUSE includes:
SUSE is offering tools to quickly compile, package and deploy Linux solutions for ARM AArch64 systems. Supporting Storage optimization by utilizing ARM System-on-Chip features. SUSE is also providing a foundation for network integration support for encryption and compression used engines or using any custom FPGA boards.

The enhanced security is also provided for commercial workloads sharing certified development processes with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for x86-64. It is set to provide the highest security level for commercial operating systems via Common Criteria EAL4+ support.

Lakshmi Mandyam, senior marketing director of Server Programs at ARM, said, “The ARM server market enables innovation and choice for solution providers across a variety of workloads. SUSE has responded to customers demanding workload-optimized server platforms that can radically expand what is possible in modern data centers. The commitment from SUSE to support specific ARMv8-A features, coupled with their enterprise-class product support, will accelerate time to deployment for the entire ARM server ecosystem.”

“Cavium and SUSE have worked closely in validating full support for the ThunderX Workload Optimized server processor family with this release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server,” said Larry Wikelius, vice president of the Software Ecosystem and Solutions Group at Cavium, Inc. “SUSE has a distinguished track record of leadership in Linux, and this release ensures a rich feature set and application optimization for systems leveraging Cavium’s 48-core, high performance, high memory bandwidth processors along with industry-leading customer support. This combination is ideal for accelerating the delivery of innovative solutions in the large system server, telco and storage markets that Cavium serves.”

Al Gillen, IDC group vice president of Software Development and Open Source, said, “ARM processor technology is gaining traction as an alternative to x86 server-class processors, not only for servers and IoT devices, but also for system categories like storage, networking and high performance computing. The release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM and its support for multiple ARM AArch64 technology partners establishes a solid foundation for open innovation and growth of a diverse ecosystem of solutions.”

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM is expected to be available by the end of 2016 as will 64-bit ARM support for SUSE Enterprise Storage.

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