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Date: 04-05-16

4ch Power Amplifier IC for car audio prevents speaker burnout

Toshiba Corporation launched a 4-channel power amplifier IC that can detect output offset voltage even during sound reproduction and prevents speaker burnout. TCB501HQ IC detects output DC offset voltage caused by leakage from the input capacitor and other sources. By integrating current-feedback system TCB501HQ prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths. Specifications: Part Number TCB501HQ Maximum Output Power 49W x 4ch (Vcc=15.2V, RL=4Ω,MAXPOWER) Operating Supply Voltage Range 6V-18V (4Ω), 6V-16V (2Ω) Output Offset Voltage 90mV Output Noise Voltage 33uV (BW=A-weight) Embedded Functions and Features High output power and low distortion Built-in mute and standby functions, offset detection, short circuit detection, and High-side switch driver. 6V operation (engine idling reduction capability) A range of protection circuits (thermal, overvoltage, output to VCC, output to GND, output to output protections) Package HZIP25-P-1.00F Sample Price ( with tax) 500 yen For more information about the new product it can be found at: http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/ap-en/product/automotive/power-amp.html

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