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Date: 24-04-15

Face trigger, voice trigger supporting scalable Tensilica DSP core for wearable

Cadence' new Tensilica scalable DSP is designed for systems on chip (SoCs) for wearables supports features such as face trigger, voice trigger and voice recognition.

The new Tensilica Fusion DSP offers optional Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) extensions supporting multiple wireless protocols including Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee using IEEE 802.15.4, SmartGrid 802.15.4g, Wi-Fi 802.11n and 802.11ah, 2G and LTE Category 0 release 12 and 13, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Tensilica Fusion DSP consumes 25 percent less energy compared to the current low-power Cadence Tensilica HiFi Mini DSP.

Tensilica Fusion DSP configurable elements include:
Tightly integrated floating point
1-4 MACs supporting real and complex operations
AES-128 encryption
Flexible memory architecture
MAC and PHY algorithm acceleration
Audio/voice compatibility with the Tensilica HiFi architecture

“Sensory’s TrulyHandsFree solution is ideal for real-world noisy environments where voice activation provides a secure and superior user experience,” stated Bernard Brafman, vice president of business development at Sensory. “By taking full advantage of the architectural features in the new Fusion DSP, we were able to optimize our software to achieve further power reduction for functions such as trigger to search, user-defined triggers, and speaker verification and identification.”

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