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Date: 07-11-14

Automotive grade NOR flash memory withstand up to 125°C

Spansion has added automotive grade Serial NOR flash chips FL-S family with 128Mb and 256Mb densities with capability to operate in the temperature range of -40 Deg C to +125 Deg C. Spansion is leading player in this market and is offering serial Flash memories for automotive grade applications in the densities of 4Mb to 1Gb.

These AEC-Q100 qualified chips support SPI interface and offer faster read/write. Meets the TS16949 standard and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) requirements. Available in SOIC, WSON, BGA packages .
Other features:
Extended addressing for access to higher memory density
Configurable read latency for faster access time or higher clock rates
Double Data Rate (DDR) read commands for SIO, DIO and QIO
Advanced sector protection for individually protecting each sector.
Availability: now in samples

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